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You. Rising!

Reclaim Your Life. Live Your Purpose
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by Lori Anne Rising  US United States

September 15, 2017   |    759 reads    |   0 comments

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You. Rising! - Book coverA quick read for smart, savvy women who feel torn between the realities of their lives and the dreams they ache to create. This little book brings a year’s worth of certified life coaching support and guidance into the palm of your hand.

Filled with simple and inspiring stories, ideas and journaling prompts this life-map is broken down into an effective, fun, and transformative experience. Readers get to explore what truly motivates them and how to shift their lives from chaotic to clear, depressing to joyful, and from empty to meaningful.

As an added bonus, this book also includes a book group discussion guide so that readers can experience this journey with support and friendship.

So, invite a few friends over, get some chocolate, and curl up with "You. Rising!"

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Original. Authentic. Powerful. Bestselling author. Peace worker. Mother. Lover. Daughter. Friend. Insightfully flawsome human. Annoyingly sarcastic. Light bringer. Dreamer. Playfully serious. Learning addict. Voracious reader. Proud nerd. Budding activist. Independent spirit. Amateur diver. Chocoholic. Wine lover. Strawberry devour-er. Fun seeker. Planner of spontaneity. Traveler and... always looking forward to more to come!

Holding the vision to see every man, woman and child living the highest and best expression for their lives, Lori Anne strives to be a living example of... more

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