Ziggy in the Land of the Unicorns

Book by A.E. Wilman

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Ziggy in the Land of the Unicorns - Book cover“Ziggy in the Land of the Unicorns” is a story for children. Ziggy is a dog who dreams about going to the land of the unicorns and playing there. One day she hears strange noise outside the house and while running to the door she slips and goes through the glass door.

When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in the land of the unicorns.


Author's Note

“Ziggy in the land of unicorns” is about a real dog who loved to play with the toy unicorns. She was lovely, intelligent and very kind dog who has passed away unexpectedly. I decided to write about her just to relive the funny memories.

About A.E. Wilman

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Anna Elisabeth Wilman is a writer based in Europe. She has been writing since early childhood short stories and short novels. She is the author of "The land of the MacRoies", “The Girl And The Boy Who Met Just Once”, "Saveenal", "Three Lives of Hannah" and “The Adventures of Socrates the Cat” novels; and "The Pumpkin Who Dared To Dream", "Teddy The Squirrel Becomes a Pilot", "Stumpy the...

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