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The Girl And The Boy Who Met Just Once

by A.E. Wilman  IT Italy

August 6, 2017   |    1,054 reads    |   0 comments

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The Girl And The Boy Who Met Just Once - Book coverOne meeting between Victoria and Damian sets in motion a set of events that changes lives of many people.
They meet accidentally abroad. He helps her. She trusts his intentions are sincere. One night he drugs her and rapes her. She survives the trauma and runs away from him. Soon later, another tragedy strikes. Victoria almost loses her life due to pregnancy complications. The pain of the tragic events and the anger lead her to plan and execute a revenge on Damian.
This is a story of two people who play the hate game; shocking phone conversations, destructive emails, manipulative meetings, evil deeds that lead to the accident of one of them and the death of the other.
This is a terrifying story about two people whose one meeting has a profound impact on the lives of their families and friends.
This is also a warning story that is gripping and unexpected at times where the boundaries between the victim and the perpetrator become blurred.

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