Ziggy in the Wild Wild West

Ziggy in the Wild Wild West by A.E. Wilman - Book cover.

16 May, 2021

“Ziggy in the Wild Wild West” is a story for children. Ziggy comes back to the land of the unicorns and takes a trip with Chrysaor and the baby dragon to the wild wild west.

The journey turns out to be dangerous when the trio is spotted by the cowboys who try to shoot them all. When the situation seems to be helpless, Pegasus comes to rescue them all.

Author's Notes

“Ziggy in the Wild Wild West” is a continuation of "Ziggy in the Land of Unicorns" series. I wanted Pegasus's twin brother and Ziggy to get to know each other better and the adventures journey to the wild wild west made a great opportunity for bonding.

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Genre: Fiction > Children


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