My name is Dave Tomlinson and my passions in life are travel, outdoor adventure and sport.

From as young as I can remember, I was always adventurous and drawn to the thrill of competition that sport offers. I know from personal experience that a person is rarely more alive – or living in the moment – than during an intense sporting event. I realised there are no regrets about the past or angst about the future in the heat of competition. Life is now.

At its best, sport requires athletes to give more than they thought possible and nothing is assured. The glorious ups and torturous downs are the fundamental allure of sport, but at the crucial moments when the most difficult questions are posed, only champions can answer. It is this inspiring brilliance that I set out to capture in my writing and share with my readers.

Books by Dave Tomlinson

Days of Miracle and Wonder - Book cover

The thrill of victory, agony of defeat and human drama of competition are the fundamental allure of sport. Its glorious unpredictability is truly captivating and nothing captures our imagination more than a contest which suddenly comes alive after the result appeared to be a foregone conclusion. Whether it's the anguish of a choke or the brilliance of a comeback, Days of Miracle and Wonder captures these moments and tells the unique stories behind 25 of the most incredible sporting victories.

Around the World in 80 Tales - Book cover

80 Stories, 25 Countries, 5 Continents, One Heck of a Ride! A journey of captivating true travel stories from that will inspire, amuse and amaze. This fascinating kaleidoscope of people, places, food and culture brings to life the colourful experiences of travelling the world on a budget!