Free Monthly Newsletter - September 2023 - Issue 28



SEPTEMBER 2023  .  Issue No. 28


Featured Listings


Third Wheel

by Richard R. Becker

Third Wheel is an unforgettable coming-of-age thriller about belonging, betrayal, and breaking away. It is the story of a boy trying to find his identity without the benefit of role models in the pre-boomtown hours of Las Vegas, 1982. But he and his friends are on shaky ground as one of them tries to leverage a cartel drug connection in Mob town.

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Rise of Dresca

Rise of Dresca

by Tim McKay

Enter a world where evil parasitizes all. Where limitless power and knowledge can be yours for a price, not of your soul, but of your mind, your will, and your resolve to be free.

Join an unlikely band of allies on a journey beset by shadow and intrigue, pulled by the strings of fate to the source of a new evil.

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Rise of Dresca



Action & Adventure


by Emily Gallo


Bad Luck Chuck - New Release

by Sam Steed


Rahi - New Release

by Snigdha Jha



The Secret Map of the Fairy Kingdom - New Release

by Yevhen Kalenichenko



The Shadows of Fate - New Release

by Bort Patgia


Mystery & Thrillers

Do Nothing - New Release

by Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.


Politics & Social Sciences

Argue Abortion and Other Reproductive Issues Like a Doc - New Release

by Nicole Ryan


Science Fiction

The Binaries: Part two

by J.S. Manning


The Binaries: Part one

by J.S. Manning



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