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Adam D. Korik


Adam D. Korik is a management specialist with over 20 years of experience. During his career, he has provided consulting advice to companies in various industries: publishing, wholesale and retail trade, advertising, the food industry, government agencies, national companies, etc.

As the director of the Institute of Standards, he co-authored the strategy, “Supporting domestic producers through the non-tariff regulation system.”

After years of accumulated experience, he created the SPS-system, which helps to restructure a company and its employees’ mentality in accordance with the requirements of the market to achieve guaranteed success.

He is the author of a series of books and articles on management and management accounting.

Books by Adam D. Korik

Living Your Best Life - Book cover

What if I told you that diet and exercise are optional, and certainly not the only conditions for losing weight? Believe it or not, but your way of thinking has a big role in your weight loss journey. The thoughts you process, the things you believe in, and what you tell yourself every day influence your life output. But first, acknowledging that there’s a problem and realizing the cause is the first major step. Afterwards, you commit to taking actions that will change the situation.

Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet
How to Thrive in a Crisis - Book cover

Are you having a hard time managing your business amidst a crisis? Running a business, especially when the odds are against you can easily get you to your wits' end. More often than not, most businesses crush while in a crisis, however, this does not have to be your case. The revolutionary information provided in this book is meant to point out that your businesses can thrive despite the challenges. Before you hit the hay, you might consider to take a good look into this enlightening book and learn how you can save your business.

Non Fiction > Business & Money