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Re-think & Re-shape

The Psychology Behind Lasting Weight Loss
by Adam D. Korik  KZ Kazakhstan

March 14, 2021   |    602 reads    |   0 comments

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Re-think & Re-shape - Book coverWhat if I told you that age, diet and exercise aren’t the only factors contributing to losing weight? Believe it or not, your way of thinking plays a huge role in your weight loss journey. The thoughts you process, the things you believe in, and what you tell yourself every day, influences your life more than you could imagine.

In this book, the author shares his personal experience overcoming health issues such as obesity, diabetes, high blood sugar and grade three hypertension, going on to lose seventy pounds. He explains how neural pathway reprogramming and developing new life principles transformed his life, all without torturous diets and stress.

This comprehensive yet concise book will walk you through each step, helping you to achieve your weight loss and health goals, providing research, alongside practical advice and tips.

The author offers great inspiration to anyone struggling with weight loss. He shows that everything is achievable as long as you set your mind to it.

Author's Note: 

The author of the book obtained his education as a food technology engineer. During his studies, he not only studied engineering but also a number of chemical sciences. In addition to inorganic and organic chemistry, these included physical, colloidal and analytical chemistry as well as microbiology and biochemistry.

The knowledge of these disciplines has helped to understand the principle of the processes taking place in the body.

As a management specialist, having studied the issues from different angles, he created an SPS-system that examines the company from different perspectives (see the book, “How to Thrive in a Crisis: A Practical Guide on How Businesses Can Succeed in Times of Adversity”).

This book addresses the process of weight loss not only in terms of diet and sport, but also in terms of other aspects: psychology, thinking, the reasons why people put on weight, and so on.

In the author's opinion, considering and understanding the issue from such perspectives not only makes it easier to lose weight but also helps to stay on top of the results achieved by changing one’s thinking and attitude. This becomes the basis for changing any other areas of human life.


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