Alla Kay

Alla Kay
United Kingdom


My name is Alla Kay. I am a little over 40 years old. I am the mother of an adult and always a hungry son. I like to cook in the mood. I love to give joy and a fantastic taste to my dishes, which is probably why it turns out so delicious!

I am as hungry as a hunter! - It is music for my ears.

I love to test recipes and add my ingredients to them. Experiments spawn delicious new recipes. Since I prefer to live long and be healthy, I only cook healthy food! Well, just kidding, just kidding ... Sometimes I spoil myself and my loved ones with harmful cupcakes and cookies. Well, very tasty!

I will try to surprise you!

Books by Alla Kay

The Heart Healthy Diet and Action Plan by Alla Kay. 4 Weeks to Lower Cholesterol and Improved Heart Health. Book cover.
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Diabetic Cookbook by Alla Kay. Wholesome Meal Prep Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Healthy & Delicious Recipes. Book cover.