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Diabetic Cookbook

Wholesome Meal Prep BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and DINNER Healthy & Delicious Recipes
Book by Alla Kay
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June 20, 2022  |  377 views

Diabetic Cookbook by Alla Kay. Wholesome Meal Prep Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Healthy & Delicious Recipes. Book cover.What’s in this Cookbook?

Healthy Meal plan for Prediabetic and Diabetic (daily tables and the magic diet).
What can you eat - a diabetic food list.

120 low-carb recipes, all using just simple ingredients! (instant pot, slow cooker recipes, air fryer recipes, and more)
Beautiful images for each diabetic diet recipe so you’ll know precisely what you’ll be enjoying.
Caloric and macronutrient data – I calculated everything for you so you can track your meals quickly.

There is Nutrition Information for Type 1 and 2 Diabetes for Beginners with the latest medical and nutrition information from the International Diabetes Center.


About Alla Kay

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GB United Kingdom

My name is Alla Kay. I am a little over 40 years old. I am the mother of an adult and always a hungry son. I like to cook in the mood. I love to give joy and a fantastic taste to my dishes, which is probably why it turns out so delicious! I am as hungry as a hunter! - It is music for my ears. I love to test recipes and add my ingredients to them. Experiments spawn delicious new recipes...

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