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Carl Preston


Hi! I'm Carl Preston, entrepreneur eBook writer and founder of "Why Don´t You Change?" the ultimate self-development site.

My eBooks cover self-improvement topics such as meditation, relaxation techniques and dieting. I also periodically publish on the net. The posts and books included are focused on self-improvement by being honest with oneself. Identifying our weaknesses and working on them is key to becoming version of ourselves we always dreamed to be.

The books you will find under my name on Amazon will take you step by step towards achieving your goals of becoming a stronger and healthier person.

However, in order to achieve your ultimate goal (whether it is losing weight or reducing stress), you will need to learn to find the required willpower and get rid of all the commonly used excuses that separate you from making the change you desire to actually happen.

"Why don't you change? What prevents you?" - Jiddu Krihnamurthi

Books by Carl Preston

The Zen Gardens Stress Cure by Carl Preston. Four Seasons of Relaxation Techniques and Zen Mindfulness. Book cover
This book is about how Zen gardens can help you to fight winter, summer, autumn, and fall seasonal mood changes. It will give the suitable relaxation or meditation technique that you can do for each season. The book also provides step-by-step procedures on how you can deal with your relationships to your family and other people around you in each season to effectively guide you on the things that you should do in order to have a tranquil and soothing life.
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet
Anti-Aging: Superfoods Diet by Carl Preston. Book cover
Anti-Aging Superfoods: How To Lose Weight and Feel Great In Just One Month. Cut your bad habits and kick off the ultimate anti-aging detox diet!. Stop your cravings for junk food, make yourself radiant with younger looking skin and give yourself the energy of a teenager that you thought you’d lost forever. All these thanks to the miraculous Superfoods Diet.
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet
The Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet by Carl Preston. Book cover
Firstly, I am sorry that you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or know someone who is. The good news is this book has some great tips, recipes and instructions to dramatically improve your quality of life. You may think the road ahead of you is bleak, with too many painful obstacles to face but the truth is much more positive. There are lots of things you can do to ease rheumatoid arthritis, starting today!
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet
The Ultimate Headache Free Migraine Diet by Carl Preston. Book cover
Not only does this book detail you with all the information and details you need to both recognize and combat migraine pains, it helps you understand the actual reasons behind a migraine. All it takes to make a considered change to your health and your well-being is to make some very simple lifestyle changes and tips that can prove most effective when you are trying to minimize the pain. Try the ultimate migraine diet!
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet