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The Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet

Become Pain Free Forever with the Ultimate 30 Day Arthritis Cure Plan
by Carl Preston  US United States

May 26, 2015   |    2,859 reads    |   0 comments

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The Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet - Book coverA Sneaky Peek Inside The Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet: Cure Arthritis in 30 days and Become Pain Free.

Firstly, I am sorry that you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or know someone who is. The good news is this book has some great tips, recipes and instructions to dramatically improve your quality of life. You may think the road ahead of you is bleak, with too many painful obstacles to face but the truth is much more positive. There are lots of things you can do to ease rheumatoid arthritis, starting today! 30 days from now you will find yourself reaping the following benefits:
•    You will lose excess weight  
•    You will have more energy
•    Your joints won’t feel as painful when you wake up
•    You will be able to walk further distances
•    You will be able move more freely
•    Your stress levels will go down
•    You will know how to use your mind to control your rheumatoid arthritis-related pain
•    You won’t need to take as many painkillers

Chapter 1: Causes of Arthritis and How Your Diet Can Ease Your Pain – Learn about the things that could actually be making your arthritis worse and how your diet and lifestyle could be contributing to your pain.
Chapter 2: Foods That Contribute to Reducing Rheumatoid Arthritis Pains – Discover the foods that you can introduce into your diet that are known to contain properties able to reduce inflammation in your joints.
Chapter 3: Healthy Habits That Reduce Rheumatoid Arthritis – Find out what you can introduce into your daily or weekly schedule to keep your pain levels low and to stop your joints and muscles from becoming sore.
Chapter 4: Controlling Pain Using The Mind – There’s a lot to be said for ‘Mind Over Matter’ and it’s no surprise that positive people live longer. Find out how you can use mental exercise to manage your rheumatoid arthritis pain!
Chapter 5: Four Week Diet and Pain Reducing Plan – Find sample menus and recipes along with suggestions about how to incorporate some healthy habits each week.

After taking a little time to read this book, you will learn how just a few tweaks to your diet and some easy exercises throughout the week can mean your life is completely transformed. Before you know it, your social life will once again become action packed, you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the sunshine and you can start to live the life that you thought was just a distant memory!


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