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Carol Husa


Carol Husa was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and currently lives in Northeast Ohio along the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. Although she hasn't ventured far, her love for literature (primarily fiction) has allowed her to visit places she never dreamed possible, and to encounter personalities that she surely wouldn't have otherwise. She's particularly fond of thriller and suspense novels and their propensity to keep you up long after bedtime with their dark, edgy content.

The sheer joy in creating characters and stories fuels her passion for the craft, and Carol is now at work on her third novel (a sequel to All Dressed In Red!), perched on the edge of her seat all the while to ensure that you'll be on yours when reading it.

Carol shares a home with her fiance and three cats, all of whom were rescues. (Maybe not her fiance, though?) She also enjoys cooking and playing video games--the creepier, the better. (The games, that is--creepy cuisine is only acceptable on Halloween, which, incidentally, is Carol's favorite holiday.)

Books by Carol Husa

Brain Seize (book) by Carol Husa
Criminal profiler Quinn Woodstrum appears to have it all: a beautiful wife and son he adores, a charming colonial in the tree-lined suburbs, and a fulfilling career that he voraciously thrives upon. What you don't know can hurt you . . .
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
All Dressed In Red by Carol Husa. Book cover
Life to this point has been perpetually distressing for Casie Valentine. The unsolved murder of her mother and her relationship with an abusive man have left her heartbroken and discouraged. After injuring and fleeing her lover one terrifying night, Casie believes that her future is now promising--where darkness had prevailed light will penetrate, and hopefully remain.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers