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Brain Seize

Book by Carol Husa

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Brain Seize (book) by Carol HusaQuinn Woodstrum appears to have it all: a beautiful wife and son he adores, a charming colonial in the tree-lined suburbs, and a fulfilling career as a criminal profiler.

Quinn's insecurities run deep, though, and a particularly trying time both personally and professionally has them unexpectedly rising to surface level . . .

An inaccurate assessment leads to a reckless decision--one that not only threatens to cost him all that he's acquired through the years, but his freedom as well. Accused of having an affair and imprisoned for attempted murder, Quinn struggles to keep his family intact while his wife Nicole pulls out every stop to prove his innocence . . . to the world AND herself.

But significant hurdles arise--the most dangerous being the person who'd recognized that the opportunity to inflict pain on Quinn Woodstrum had finally come knocking . . .

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Carol Husa was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and currently lives in Northeast Ohio along the shores of beautiful Lake Erie. Although she hasn't ventured far, her love for literature (primarily fiction) has allowed her to visit places she never dreamed possible, and to encounter personalities that she surely wouldn't have otherwise. She's particularly fond of thriller and suspense novels and their...

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