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Chariss K. Walker


Chariss K. Walker, M.Msc., writes fiction and nonfiction books with a metaphysical message. Her fiction books share insight into her character's mystical abilities. Her nonfiction books share thirty plus years of spiritual and metaphysical insight about a variety of topics including chakras, meditation, spiritual gifts, and spiritual laws.

Books by Chariss K. Walker

Chakra Basics - Book cover
Chakra Basics discusses: Definition and use of chakras, Emotional energy governed by chakras, Blockages and imbalances, Thought patterns that cause blockages, Physical indications of a blocked chakra, Healthy emotional chakras, Exercises that promote chakra healing and continued health.
Non Fiction > Religion and Spirituality
my name is tookie (book) by Chariss K. Walker. Book cover
"my name is tookie" is an intense story of recovery and transformation. After suffering shocking adversities and inhumane traumas, Tookie gives a narrative account of her early childhood and adolescent memories. In this dramatic coming-of-age novella, she's now a fifteen-year-old survivor.
Non Fiction > Inspirational
Crescent City by Chariss K. Walker. Book cover
Some see Alec Winters as a breathtaking, amazing angel, a savior. Others see him as a mind-blowing nightmare, the most terrifying demon their minds could ever conjure. Alec Winters roams the gritty streets of New Orleans as hero and protector of the innocent while he annihilates wicked evil-doers in this very dark-fiction, vengeance-driven 4-book thriller series.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers