my name is tookie

my name is tookie by Chariss K. Walker - Book cover.
Chariss K. Walker

18 July, 2015

Tookie, now fifteen-years-old, shares her nightmarish memories as a survivor of unspeakable and depraved atrocities committed by the very system in charge of her protection in this dark-fiction, tell-all novella. Lost in a corrupt 'system,' Tookie suffered mind-blowing abuse that would cripple any child. A

lthough it's devastating to read about these horrific crimes, Tookie's inspiring hard-won recovery, and the devotion of her loving grandmother are breathtaking in this "based-in-part-on-a-true-story" novella.

Author's Notes

Tookie's heartbreaking story is difficult to read and even harder to comprehend. We often wonder how such a thing could happen to anyone, especially an innocent child...and yet it does occur. It happens every day.

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