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Diana Davin


Diana Davin is a long-time writer and book author who knows there's a wildly awesome person--a beautiful someone--in every one of us. She's the Mom of two amazing kids, and a spouse, daughter, sister, and friend who writes from her heart about how to live healthy, happy, and sane.

Diana is a coffee loving, hyper-caffeinated Harvard grad who knows that hope and optimism give us the energy we need to get out of bed every morning, ready to create and build and learn and discover another day--this day, right now.

All her books, for Blossie's Books and her newly created line, Blossie@work! are a quick read of simple ideas for how to live and work happy, healthy, sane, and more awesome than ever. Most of all, they are the voice of a friend who wants to help Blossie readers wake up to the wildly awesome people they are.

Books by Diana Davin

You Know What I Should Have Said? - Book cover
We’ve all had the experience of leaving a situation thinking, “Ugh! That didn’t go the way I wanted it to. You know what I should have said?” It’s like the one thing everyone’s experienced: feeling speechless or fumbling for words, then walking away with regrets and “should-have-saids.” We were nervous, unprepared, or both. Maybe we were being asked tough questions, or even confronted or criticized.
Non Fiction > Self help
The Gift of No by Diana Davin. Stop saying yes when you really mean no, and start taking better care of yourself. Book cover
The Gift of No will help you uncover what really matters to you, how to say no to the things that don’t, and actually make every relationship you have better. Give The Gift of No to yourself and the people you care about and watch the story of your life become amazing. You are happy, relaxed, and comfortable. They get the real you, plus your full heart, your honest effort, your authentic self. No irritation. No resentment. No keeping score. Just solid, honest, relaxed, real relationships…and a lot less stress!
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet