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You Know What I Should Have Said?

Speak Up, Speak Out, and Say the Right Thing at the Right Time!
Book by Diana Davin

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May 7, 2021  |  641 views  |  0 reviews / comments

You Know What I Should Have Said? - Book coverWe’ve all had the experience of leaving a situation thinking, “Ugh! That didn’t go the way I wanted it to. You know what I should have said?”

It’s like the one thing everyone’s experienced: feeling speechless or fumbling for words, then walking away with regrets and “should-have-saids.”

We were nervous, unprepared, or both. Maybe we were being asked tough questions, or even confronted or criticized.

Or maybe more positively, there was an opening for us to speak up, ask a smart question, or volunteer for something, but we hesitated, the moment passed, and then it was too late.

How great would it be, beautiful someone, if we could look back on any one of these situations with no regrets? Knowing we handled it great and, the key test: if we had it to do over again, we wouldn’t change a thing? That if we were back in the same situation today, we’d say and do exactly the same thing because it went well, we got great results, and we felt good afterward?

And even if a situation doesn’t go well, that we have the confidence and communication skill to chalk it up to a learning experience, forgive ourselves, smooth out the situation with whoever was involved, and move on.

We can!

You Know What I Should Have Said? covers how to handle tough situations as well as how to turn them into something positive for ourselves and the people who matter to us.

This way, we end up with:

  • More confidence
  • More honest relationships
  • More opportunity
  • Less stress
  • A better reputation

You Know What I Should Have Said? is a book about what to say when we’re in tough situations, and it’s also a book about courage and caring about ourselves and the people we live and work with. It’s about building bridges in relationships, taking good care of the people who matter to us, and—super-important: speaking up to share ideas and truths that make the world a better place.

In other words, it’s about being ready to speak up in positive situations too.


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Diana Davin is a long-time writer and book author who knows there's a wildly awesome person--a beautiful someone--in every one of us. She's the Mom of two amazing kids, and a spouse, daughter, sister, and friend who writes from her heart about how to live healthy, happy, and sane. Diana is a coffee loving, hyper-caffeinated Harvard grad who knows that hope and optimism give us the energy...

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