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Jaachynma N.E. Agu


Agu, Jaachynma Nkemdirim Ezinne (Mrs) is highly on the big-time list of achievers. She's superbly principled to the extent that you will in every relevant occasion appreciate her honesty, joviality and humility. And she's an extraordinary writer, coming alive with her pen and as a doyen who is an embodiment of unimaginable integrity, sincerity, simplicity, audacity, equity and ability; a burning and shinning light who is really lightening up places and enlightening people.

An author of repute, novelist, poet, essayist, news caster, leader of positive change, inspirational speaker, advocate of women empowerment, distinguished pastor's wife, caring mother, administrative officer, chief executive officer and wise hearted writer whose wit is beyond the depth of witticism. As a chief executive officer, her establishment, KingsTreasureHouse Concept, is distinguished for excellence that is culminating into helping others realize their dreams and goals, and build their self-concept.

As a great genius of this generation, Jaachynma has written articles, speeches, Newsletter, Prose, poetry, E-Books and books that are available at leading elite websites in the world. Born in the beautiful and productive month of October, Jaachynma is known for solving societal needs than hers. Educated at the Prestigious University of Jos, Nigeria, she holds an Honours Degree in Languages and Linguistics, and certificates from various professional trainings.

Her love for a better world gave her a shot in the arm to the extent of perfecting intuition and career in order to impart knowledge that is bringing many into a high place in the Earth. Through her life-changing programmes, Jaachynma has engaged the attention and interest of interest of intellectuals. She has also inspired people within and outside her sphere of contact with readiness to be concerned with pretensions of strong intellectual superiority.

Reading Agu, Jaachynma's books is an opportunity of a lifetime, a favourable occasion that will surely and uniquely smile upon you to do things right the first time and in every relevant occasion. Jaachynma has blessed lives and is still blessing lives. One of her numerous quotes, "We are pathfinders on a mission, Beholders following the Light, Runners gunning for the prize and Fighters remaining focused...You have been described, do not accept any other description!" is the pride of the primrose among the prominent and one in a thousand of literary virtues.

It is in your best interest to read her books; she has the creativity and productivity that can empower everyone to ride on the high places of the earth; a place of prosperity; a place of success; a place of victory. With her books, you will make yourself a master of the reality that you are not a beggar or a speck in the dust! You're born for the top and distinguished for greatness; you think success, victory, health, prosperity, happiness and fulfilment only.

Jaachynma's first book: The Prince and the Pauper is best-seller that will enable you answer your God-given name...take limitations off your life and rule your world. You cannot afford to keep quiet when you should be taking responsibility for your future. You're not ordinary! It's time to break new grounds; it's time to blaze new trails. Her two latest works of genius: The Best Option and Risk It, Be Different, are the pertinent and vital tools you need to expand your world.

Jaachynma has positive characteristics of a good mother and great woman. She is married to Dr. Ahamefula Agu, and her marriage is blessed with two gorgeous boys: King and Edwald; her beautiful gifts from God. She describes her children as the cynosure of all eyes; the best gifts she has ever received. She talks about them and can talk about them as superbly gorgeous! She describes her hubby as one and only original - a unique, sweet, awesome, handsome and great leader who is principled, firm, yet soft; he has a duplex nature of honourable and humble; strong and sweet; hardworking and affectionate.

Her most lovely life-experience is birthing her first baby. In her own words she said: "it made me very responsible knowing that the little bundle of joy depends on me for virtually everything". Jaachynma believes you can virtually achieve everything you could do with and have real fulfilment. You can take responsibility to create your future and her books can be your creative tools.

Jaachynma enjoys reading, writing, preaching the Gospel, research activities, meeting people of creative intelligence and making a life.

Books by Jaachynma N.E. Agu

The King and Other Poetic Thoughts - Book cover
The King and Other Poetic Thoughts is an inspiring work of poetry that is written with you in mind. Author Jaachynma N.E. Agu outlined a total of twenty-two poems in this masterpiece. Titles like My Vision, My World, The King, Sweet Mother, The Recreated You and Successful Women are found therein.
7697 views > 1 review / comment
Fiction > Poetry
The Best Option
Inspite of everything, he`s gone through in his young life, Desmond has never caught himself thinking defeating thoughts before. He has always been tough and hard core but when he came in contact with Cherryl, she awoke tender emotion in him that caused the hardness he is made of to evaporate.
2547 views > 1 review / comment
Fiction > Romance
Risk It, Be Different
Most people’s disposition and expressions are determined by the circumstances of life, thereby dictating their responses in this life. But you are not ordinary, circumstances and people do not determine who you are. You’re a master in life. You’re born to reign! You are a king over the circumstances of life.
Non Fiction > Inspirational
This book is a companion to those that desire a positive change in their lives. Your future is your responsibility to create, your imaginative power your creative ability and God's word via this book your creative tool. There is an upward life, a higher life in Christ.
4111 views > 4 reviews / comments
Non Fiction > Inspirational