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The Prince And the Pauper

by Jaachynma N.E. Agu  NG Nigeria

December 30, 2011   |    3,621 reads    |   4 comments

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The Prince And the PauperThis book is a companion to those that desire a positive change in their lives. Your future is your responsibility to create, your imaginative power your creative ability and God's word via this book your creative tool. There is an upward life, a higher life in Christ. An unselfish person is one who discovers something of great value and shares same with others enthusiastically... that is what I have done in this book; I am sharing with you God s word that has transformed my life. This word can change you and your status as well. This is one book that will teach you how to move from being an ordinary person to being an extra-ordinary fellow. It will deliver to you ideas of moving from being a normal fellow that does ordinary things to a super-normal being that achieves only supernatural feat. God desires this change for you that is why a man can wake up a pauper in the morning but go to bed later that night as a prince. Incredible! This book delivers to you the HOW. The ideas in this master-piece are the truth about prosperity and poverty. Go for the truth of prosperity, don t fight it rather absorb it with gusto and make the change you need.


The Prince and The Pauper is a timely and inspiring book, it taught me so much about life. Grab a copy and you will find out that you won't stop until you are done with the is a teaching material as well as very inspiring...and interesting too.

I read this book and was touched with so many things...the content, the style, the is just too much. if you haven't a copy, get yours today and you will be excited you did.

You need book to be the best. I recommend it to all and sundry. Thank Jacchy for writing this godly book.

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