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Johnnie Mitchell


When I first became a fiction writer novels were my first choice. But the market for my type of work suddenly fell through. I turned my attention to screenplay writing. With the advent of digital publishing, and a better marketplace I returned to book writing, hopefully with positive results.

Books by Johnnie Mitchell

Lost in America (book) by Johnnie Mitchell
Lovelace Miller is a high end internationally known private investigator. Bi-racial, he had self identity issues growing up. Miller has learned to use his racial ambiguity to his advantage by becoming a master of disguise.
The Kilo Connection by Johnnie Mitchell. Book cover
Victor Nance is a Vice Squad cop working out of Gary Indiana. Shana Gordon is from Chicago and a part of the Juvenile Division. Henry Clayton is an ex-New York cop turned chief of police of a small Alabama town. Ordinarily, there would be nothing to bring these three law enforcement officers together. But Chief Clayton is facing a major crisis. One of his undercover officers was most likely murdered by a dangerous and wily up and coming drug dealer, T.J Killerbrew.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Missing Angel by Johnnie Mitchell. Book cover
Angel Mandrell is a beautiful model with a penchant for helping men in distress regain their self respect. When Angel comes up missing, ex-Chicago cop, and best-selling author, George Washington agrees to launch a search. During the course of the investigating Angel’s disappearance, Washington finds himself becoming more and more fascinated by a woman he has never met; fascinated to the point of falling for her.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
88 Ways to Die by Johnnie Mitchell. Book cover
In the year 1988, black private detective Ellis Mason finds himself swept into a wave of big time trouble. What started as a routine case of tailing an ex-con's wayward girlfriend turns into something much more sinister.When the girl friend is murdered, and the ex-con is charged, Ellis reluctantly sets out to clear him.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers