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88 Ways to Die

by Johnnie Mitchell  US United States

March 5, 2015   |    1,327 reads    |   0 comments

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88 Ways to Die by Johnnie Mitchell. Book coverIn the year 1988, black private detective Ellis Mason finds himself swept into a wave of big time trouble. What started as a routine case of tailing an ex-con's wayward girlfriend turns into something much more sinister.

When the girl friend is murdered, and the ex-con is charged, Ellis reluctantly sets out to clear him. Ellis soon finds himself investigating a young and sexy executive secretary that's having an affair with a married congressman running for re-election, and is living far beyond her means. He creates an uneasy alliance with Brad Royce, the son of the owner of a top flight detective agency.

Ellis targets Andrea Newsome, a clever and alluring political consultant that knows a lot more about shady business deals and political corruption than she'll ever admit. Ellis and Royce must sniff out the right clues, and dodge the last bullets before the case is solved.

88 Ways to Die is a complex case, steamy sexuality, and sudden violence that brings things to a boil.


About the Author

When I first became a fiction writer novels were my first choice. But the market for my type of work suddenly fell through. I turned my attention to screenplay writing. With the advent of digital publishing, and a better marketplace I returned to book writing, hopefully with positive results.

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