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The Kilo Connection

by Johnnie Mitchell  US United States

March 11, 2015   |    1,305 reads    |   0 comments

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The Kilo Connection - Book Image Did Not Load!Victor Nance is a Vice Squad cop working out of Gary Indiana.
Shana Gordon is from Chicago and a part of the Juvenile Division.
Henry Clayton is an ex-New York cop turned chief of police of a small Alabama town.
Ordinarily, there would be nothing to bring these three law enforcement officers together. But Chief Clayton is facing a major crisis. One of his undercover officers was most likely murdered by a dangerous and wily up and coming drug dealer, T.J Killerbrew.
With no evidence to prove murder, Chief Clayton wants to take Killerbrew down for anything that would put him behind bars. He’s willing to recruit special assignment talent to get the job done.
Nance and Shana will ultimately accept the challenge. Their plan of attack is simple.
Make a small buy, and then follow up with a larger one.
Still, complications abound, including Shana’s ambitious, prone to make mistakes personality ; Nance’s crumbling marriage and growing attraction to Shana.
Killerbrew’s murderous nature, and penchant for sniffing out  undercover cops can be added to the mix.
For Nance and Shana it boils down to a tense game of cat and mouse in which one slip of the tongue, or false move could have deadly consequences.

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