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Laura Giebfried


Laura Giebfried was born in Bangor, Maine in June of 1992. She is the youngest child of Joseph and Rosemary Giebfried, a surgeon and a nurse, who moved to Maine from New York to raise their family. She is the author of the Damnatio Memoriae series and Beating Heart Cadavers.

Giebfried earned her degree in Psychology and Technical Writing from the University of Maine in 2015.

Books by Laura Giebfried

Momento Mori (book) by Laura Giebfried
Enim Lund has everything figured out: he knows how to handle his illness, has come to grips with the way that things are, and understands what he should be doing -- and all that it took in order to do so was to realize that nothing matters, including his life and future.
In Absentia (book) by Laura Giebfried
There was nothing good that could come of the truth. That -- at least -- holds true for Enim Lund, who finds himself in a psychiatric treatment facility after the events that took place at his boarding school the year before. Overly-watched and highly-medicated, he's supposed to be concentrating on getting better, but the only thoughts running through his mind are how to break out and find his best friend who was accused of crimes that he didn't commit.
Damnatio Memoriae (book) by Laura Giebfried
Nothing ever happened at Bickerby. Located on an island off the coast of Maine, its prestige, remoteness, and near-inaccessibility in the winter months were the reasons that Enim Lund’s father sent him there in the first place. With only a year left of school until graduation, Enim’s only focus is to keep his grades high enough to scrape by and keep his unforgiving involvement in his mother’s critical accident secreted away.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Beating Heart Cadavers (book) by Laura Giebfried
The Onerian government is in a race to find a solution for the Mare-folk, metal-hearted people who have been threatening their country for decades. To do so, they've created an agency known only as the Spӧken, whose members hunt down the Mare-folk to the best of their ability.