Michelle Swann

Michelle Swann
Author, Ph.D., Coach, Consultant, Trainer


Dr. Michelle Swann has worked at universities in Switzerland and Canada. Her recent book, Teenaged Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life is close to her heart as she was a teen mom. Dr. Michelle Swann’s Ph.D. looked at how the most expensive schools in the world marketed themselves historically and how the Swiss Tourism Agency marketed Switzerland as a country of natural-born educators to support their private school-based tourism business. She has taught teachers in training the history of education, schooling, and childhood. She has also taught classes in popular culture and international relations. Dr. Swann was a teen mom which is why her book Teen Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life is close to her heart. In her spare time, she sails, rows, and hikes.

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Teen Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life by Michelle Swann. Book cover.
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