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Michelle Swann


Dr. Michelle Swann has worked at universities in Switzerland and Canada. Her recent book, Teenaged Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life, is close to her heart as she was a teen mom. Dr. Michelle Swann’s Ph.D. looked at how the most expensive schools in the world marketed themselves historically and how the Swiss Tourism Agency marketed Switzerland as a country of natural-born educators to support their private school-based tourism business. She has taught teachers in training the history of education, schooling, and childhood. She has also taught classes in popular culture and international relations. In her spare time, she sails, rows, and hikes.

Books by Michelle Swann

Writing Professional Emails (book) by Dr. Michelle Swann. Book cover
Since email is still the most prevalent means of communication for businesses and consumers, excellent email writing skills are a prerequisite for accelerating one’s career. This guide teaches how to acquire these skills. Writing Professional Emails addresses every aspect of email communication: from the subject line to the signature. It teaches how to tailor emails to meet recipients’ needs and fulfill readers’ expectations. Following this advice ensures emails will be read, appreciated, and acted upon.
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