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Teen Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life

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April 24, 2023  |  629 views

Teen Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life by Michelle Swann. Book cover.Teen Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life is a book for teen moms who want to achieve a great life for themselves and their children. It is also for those supporting teen moms who wish to offer genuinely helpful assistance. The book is a guide to beating the statistics and not living in poverty.

Written by a teen mom who made it in life and raised a fine son on her own, the book offers advice on pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn and infant stages, as well as general ideas about motherhood and child raising from the perspective of teen motherhood. The book covers the topics of telling friends and family about the pregnancy, attending school while pregnant, taking care of yourself while pregnant, and the importance of medical and personal support. It discusses common complaints during pregnancy, how to prepare for the birth, making a birthing plan, and preparing for the hospital. It details the four stages of labor, highlighting the importance of proper breathing techniques and being in charge of the labor process. The book provides in-depth coverage of the newborn phase discussing crying, feeding, changing, bathing, swaddling, bonding, colic, and more. It gives an overview of the milestones of each month during the first year as well as what to expect from a one-year-old.

The book also provides guidance on career planning, training, and job seeking. It discusses the career planning process and looks at career research, job shadowing, volunteer work, making career-related decisions, creating action plans, overcoming barriers, the job search, and resume writing. The book has a chapter devoted to the importance of financial planning. It then looks at some common themes of child raising, including discipline, routines, and teaching independence. It discusses the importance of reading with your child, limiting screen time, and getting fresh air. The book explores what it means to be a good mother and describes the importance of participating in children’s schooling, reading parenting manuals. It ends with a discussion of the benefits of being a teen mother.

Throughout the book, there is plenty of encouragement for teen moms to be tenacious. The book provides the incentive to write down goals and offers the motivation to create actionable realistic plans and the know-how to achieve dreams. This book encourages pride, self-esteem, and accomplishment. It calls for strength, competency, and power.

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This book has very good independent reviews.

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Dr. Michelle Swann has worked at universities in Switzerland and Canada. Her recent book, Teenaged Mothers: Designing a Fabulous Life is close to her heart as she was a teen mom. Dr. Michelle Swann’s Ph.D. looked at how the most expensive schools in the world marketed themselves historically and how the Swiss Tourism Agency marketed Switzerland as a country of natural-born educators to...

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