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Ruth ONeill


I grew up in the ancient Roman city of Bath England, a beautiful peaceful city whose locations are often referred to in my first book ‘Sunshine & Tears’.

I have always enjoyed helping others and I’m very committed to my job as a Teaching Assistant for literacy, where I support young people with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities at the City Academy Bristol.

I have one son and two step children as well as three young grandchildren who now take up a big part of my life.

I live in Bristol, the South West part of England with my long term partner.

Books by Ruth ONeill

Circle of Betrayal by Ruth O'Neill. Book cover. She loves her husband. Red rose, love, deceit, and betrayal.
Lena Farnham has it all: a job she loves, a wonderful husband, a huge house, and a baby about to arrive. She’s the happiest she’s ever been, and she can’t believe how lucky she is. Unfortunately, Lena’s luck is about to run out. Someone is following her, and not only that – they’re leaving frightening messages, and threatening her perfect life. Even worse? Her husband Sean doesn’t believe any of it.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Tell Me Why - Book cover
Lauren Adams is just an ordinary single girl, until one split-second decision throws her life into crisis. When she meets the handsome and intriguing Max Davies during a girls’ weekend away, she can’t believe her luck. But it soon turns out to be her biggest mistake. Max gets accused of murder, a murder that allegedly happened on the same night he and Lauren met. Is Max really the man she thinks he is? Is he really innocent of murder?
1631 views > 1 review / comment
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Befriended by Ruth O'Neill. Book cover. Red hair woman.
Gemma Peacock, recently bereaved, prepares to attend the funeral of her late husband, Ritchie, with her only close friend, Maria. Gemma is in her late thirties, slim, attractive and devastated. She leaves the house with Maria; feeling like her entire world has fallen apart. At the church, Gemma sees a woman she does not recognise, hiding behind a column, keeping herself separate from the rest of the mourners. She is mysterious and extremely beautiful. After the service, she tries to spot the woman, but she has vanished.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers