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by Ruth ONeill  GB United Kingdom

June 5, 2018   |    1,739 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Befriended by Ruth O'Neill. Book cover. Red hair woman.Gemma Peacock, recently bereaved, prepares to attend the funeral of her late husband, Ritchie, with her only close friend, Maria. Gemma is in her late thirties, slim, attractive and devastated. She leaves the house with Maria; feeling like her entire world has fallen apart. At the church, Gemma sees a woman she does not recognise, hiding behind a column, keeping herself separate from the rest of the mourners. She is mysterious and extremely beautiful. After the service, she tries to spot the woman, but she has vanished.

At the church, the beautiful woman waits a little way apart from the mourners. When the service is over, the woman introduces herself to Gemma as a friend of Ritchie’s.

Before the day of the funeral the young, successful, devious Indiana Manors is reading Ritchie Peacock’s obituary in the newspaper. She intends to attend the funeral and befriend Gemma; it is obvious her intentions are not honourable. She has a dark history and mental health issues, including an imaginary friend, Vonny, who tells her what to do.

Her life is far from perfect – but she knows just what she has to do to fix it. Befriend Gemma Peacock, and destroy her.


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