The Sisters

Ava Cressman’s life takes a twisted turn after her divorce from Spencer. Seeking comfort, she falls into the arms of a mysterious man named Joel Carney, a former college acquaintance. However, when Joel meets Ava’s sister, Tanya, an unsettling connection sparks between them.

Tanya, seemingly innocent, invites Ava and her twin sister, Belle, on a secluded trip to a remote lodge. From the moment they arrive, an ominous atmosphere hangs in the air, hinting at a hidden darkness beneath the surface.
As shocking truths emerge, will Ava find a way to expose the tangled labyrinth of secrets before it’s too late?

The Sisters is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the depths of manipulation, betrayal, and the darkest corners of the human mind. As Ava fights for her freedom and tries to untangle the lies, she also must face her own demons and find the strength to outsmart those who want to control her life. 

Author's Notes

As an author, I always have a mixture of emotions when I release a new book. There's excitement and enthusiasm of knowing that my words will soon be in the hands of readers, taking them on a journey into the world I've created. There's also a sense of vulnerability, as I open myself up to critique and feedback, hoping that my story will resonate with and touch the hearts of those who read it.

I'm deeply passionate about my book, The Sisters. Having two sisters of my own, I understand the importance of sisterhood in life. In the book, I've drawn on my own relationship with my sisters, incorporating some of their key attributes into the story.

While my book explores themes of betrayal, hurt, lies, and deceit, it's important to emphasise that these elements do not reflect the dynamics within my own relationship with my sisters. In fact, it was an enjoyable challenge to infuse these darker aspects into my characters, and I believe it showcases one of my strengths as a writer.

Writing The Sisters has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I felt a sense of sadness when it came time to pen those final words: The End.

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