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Tina Shandar


Tina Shandar is a scientist-educator, head of the Culture of language department, writer, author of more than 150 scientific and popular works: monographs, manuals, textbooks, publications in the field of pedagogy, psychology, verbal communication, linguistics, rhetoric. Founder of communication and interactive center “Memoria” with main lines of work in development of rhetorical techniques and innovative technologies in the system of interpersonal communications. Head of the international project “Language face of the world” (partner of project – UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA, USA, TAMPA).
Tina is a professional speaker, lecturer, and teacher. Principal courses she teaches are “Rhetoric,” “Positive rhetoric,” “Language teaching technologies,” “Communicative leadership competence”. Her work experience is 22 years, with 18,000 classroom hours of lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Books by Tina Shandar

SMALL TALK:Techniques, Rules, Taboos - Book cover
Do you want to have effective and rational communication to Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere? Do you want to have many friends? Do you want to have interesting and positive, successful life, great relationships? Do yo want to be always first in networking? May be you want to make a best career? Great, it is very simple to have all! This book "Small talk" will help you to change all.
Non Fiction > Personal Development
The Technology of Positive Thinking - Book cover
Do you want a bright, sunny life? Do you want positive energy every day? Do you imagine yourself happy and successful? In this new book, The Technology of Positive Thinking, you will learn new strategies for transforming your brain into a positive and optimistic entity. You will get to know very effective techniques for making your life sunny, happy, positive, optimistic, successful, and bright every day.
Non Fiction > Self help