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A Long Time Coming

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by Bridgitte Lesley  ZA South Africa

September 13, 2013   |    6,609 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!Geraldine was so in love with Blake it was beyond frustrating. She had worked with him for five years and it was starting to wear her down. He didn’t see Geraldine. All he saw was a hardworking Personal Assistant who did everything for him. So often she had thought of leaving, but couldn’t. Even when he was dating and getting ready to marry she couldn’t tear herself away.
Geraldine hadn't realized that Blake was besotted with her.  But he was. He was head over heels in love with her. She looked after him and did everything for him. He relied on her for everything. And suddenly she was gone. She had lost her temper and had walked out. Blake knew how much she really meant to him.  Soon after their first date Blake messed things up which lead to her resignation. She was gone. With immediate effect. But Blake wanted her back! 

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Character-driven literary fiction, romance and fun-filled family sagas.

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