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by Bridgitte Lesley  ZA South Africa

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Book Image Did Not Load!Sitting at the table at what could be a somber event, Duke was shaken to his core.  He watched as a lively little youngster walked, or rather, danced in to the restaurant.  Duke was looking at a carbon copy of himself.  After so many years of waiting for Jody to return his wish had come true.  With a bonus.  After being tossed out of her home he hadn’t seen her for years.  He had taken the blame.  If her father hadn’t caught them in bed things could have been so different.  After being driven from the family home Jody made her way to the only person she knew.  Uncle Edgar.  He was the only person who understood her.  She knew the day would come when she went home.  
But there was a surprise in store for her family.  She would return home with her head held high.  A successful business woman to boot!

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Character-driven literary fiction, romance and fun-filled family sagas.

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