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A Most Curious Winter's Night

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by Paolo Mazzucato  US United States

April 8, 2020   |    842 reads    |   0 comments

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A Most Curious Winter's Night - Book coverThe faces of friends and family seem to melt into distant memory when a child moves to a new home.

But then, one wintry night, loneliness gives way to magical fun when the child wakes to a snowy wonderland, and a surprising friend who reminds us that no one truly melts away if we remember them.


In a world of increasing uncertainty for children, a story of a magical friend with a simple message about friendship and holding on to fond memories can be the thing to help a child through a difficult time of change. A Most Curious Winter's Night is a tender story reminder for young readers about the power of imagination and friendship in coping with loss.

Author's Note: 

I grew up in the Midwest, in the suburbs of Detroit, where the Winters were cold and the snow was deep.

Much of this story stems from my own memories, both those in the distant past and those more recent, dealing with change and loss. I hope that children will find, in this bittersweet and somewhat nostalgic tale, an uplifting notion that can help them through difficult times.

About The Author

Paolo Mazzucato is an author, playwright and award-winning screenwriter.

His stage play, POLITICOS, was produced in the New Works and New Genres Series at the Organic Theater in Chicago while he was a student in Northwestern University’s pilot Creative Writing for the Media program. While completing his MFA in the Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program at the University of Southern California, his screenplay, A NICE ITALIAN GIRL, won a FOCUS Screenwriting Award. He went on to work in the film industry, was the 2nd unit Producer and Visual FX Supervisor of LEPRECHAUN 2, and the... more

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