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The Gondoliers

The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim
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by Paolo Mazzucato  US United States

April 1, 2019   |    7,201 reads    |   0 comments

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The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim - Book coverFantina arrives in 1902 Venice, Italy, in search of fortune and glory, but uncovers, instead, a secret plot to destroy the city. Now she must join a mysterious guild of gondoliers and harness the unseen power of Glim to defeat the evil forces at work.

A “recommended” read by the US Review of Books, "The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim," blends elements of Italian folklore, steampunk fantasy and a touch of Venetian history to introduce young readers to a new and wondrous world.  “...this is one of those books that grabs the imagination from the first sentence and never lets go.” (Kat Kennedy, The US Review of Books)

Author's Note: 

The inspiration for “The Gondoliers” sprang from my many trips with my family to Venice, Italy, when I was a child, and again years later when I returned as an adult with my own children. Wandering through the labyrinth of narrow alleyways and canals as the sun was quickly fading, the story of a mysterious, hidden world that came to life at that magical moment between sunset and dusk mingled with the actual history of the city, and I found myself creating a world layered with possibilities.

About The Author

Paolo Mazzucato is an author, playwright and award-winning screenwriter.

His stage play, POLITICOS, was produced in the New Works and New Genres Series at the Organic Theater in Chicago while he was a student in Northwestern University’s pilot Creative Writing for the Media program. While completing his MFA in the Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing Program at the University of Southern California, his screenplay, A NICE ITALIAN GIRL, won a FOCUS Screenwriting Award. He went on to work in the film industry, was the 2nd unit Producer and Visual FX Supervisor of LEPRECHAUN 2, and the... more

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