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A play in one act
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by Paolo Mazzucato  US United States

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POLITICOS - Book coverTwo friends, living in a post-modern wasteland, seek to better their circumstances by campaigning for elected office. Through their encounters with an odd cast of characters, they confront philosophical and existential questions that threaten both their world view and their friendship, and come to realize that their initial, noble motivation for change has been corrupted by self-interest and the allure of power.

POLITICOS was first performed in the New Works and New Genres Series at the Organic Theater in Chicago, Illinois, in 1988.

Author's Note: 

POLITICOS is a political allegory that I’d written for the theater portion of my class in Northwestern University’s pilot Creative Writing for the Media Program, and it became my first 'produced' work.

I submitted the finished play to a handful of Chicago theaters, and it was selected for production in the 1988 New Works and New Genres Series at the Organic Theater Company. With a minimalist set, and a cast of six characters, the stage production was directed by the theater company’s assistant artistic director, Lisa Pearson. The play explores the corruption of noble aspirations through politics.

Student productions of the play are permitted royalty free (with notification to the publisher).

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