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Paolo Mazzucato


Paolo Mazzucato is an American fiction author and screenwriter. He began his writing career as a Chicago playwright and award-winning student filmmaker before moving to Los Angeles where he won awards for screenwriting and scripted various projects for film and television.

Mazzucato is the author/illustrator of the children's books, Dream of the Rainbow Unicorn, No One Mocks a Panda (an Amazon #1 Best Seller, Feb. 2019), A Most Curious Winter's Night and The absolutely true story of La Befana. He is also the author of the fantasy adventure novel, The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim, a "recommended" read by the US Review of Books.

Books by Paolo Mazzucato

The absolutely true story of La Befana by Paolo Mazzucato. Traditional Italian Christmas tale. Book cover
There are plenty of Christmas stories about the jolly, old man in red who visits every December, but what about January 5th? Part rumor, part folklore and part magical invention, the classic origin story of the Italian Befana and her Christmas Epiphany visit to all children, naughty and nice, is presented here in a colorfully illustrated storybook. Told from an...unusual point of view, myth meets reality as we learn how things "actually" happened that fateful night when three wise guys, or...wise men, came searching for a newborn baby king and got a warm bowl of homemade minestrone instead.
Fiction > Children
A Most Curious Winter's Night by Paolo Mazzucato. Book cover
The faces of friends and family seem to melt into distant memory when a child moves to a new home. But then, one wintry night, loneliness gives way to magical fun when the child wakes to a snowy wonderland, and a surprising friend who reminds us that no one truly melts away if we remember them. In a world of increasing uncertainty for children, a story of a magical friend with a simple message about friendship and holding on to fond memories ...
Fiction > Children
POLITICOS by Paolo Mazzucato. A play in one act. Book cover
Two friends, living in a post-modern wasteland, seek to better their circumstances by campaigning for elected office. Through their encounters with an odd cast of characters, they confront philosophical and existential questions that threaten both their world view and their friendship, and come to realize that their initial, noble motivation for change has been corrupted by self-interest and the allure of power.
Fiction > Performing Arts, Drama & Theater
The Gondoliers: The Secret Journals of Fanticulous Glim by Paolo Mazzucato. Book cover
Fantina arrives in 1902 Venice, Italy, in search of fortune and glory, but uncovers, instead, a secret plot to destroy the city. Now she must join a mysterious guild of gondoliers and harness the unseen power of Glim to defeat the evil forces at work.
Fiction > Children