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A Slave's Vow

by Annette Austin  GB United Kingdom

February 5, 2020   |    386 reads    |   0 comments

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A Slave's Vow - Book coverThe third book in The James Saga, A Slave’s Vow is a compelling novel which deals with love and race in the fictional town of Ark Angel in South Carolina during the 1860’s.
After her lover, Lawrence James, throws her out of his home, Jasmine Thomas must pick up the pieces of her life once again. Hurt and humiliated, she has the additional issue of being pregnant, facing the daunting prospect of bringing up the child alone.
Residing in a cottage owned by Lawrence in Beverly, Charleston, Jasmine is lonely until she meets a mysterious stranger, Henry Dean. From the outside, Henry seems like the perfect gentleman, but does he have an ulterior motive?
Realising his mistake, Lawrence wants Jasmine to come back to him. Initially, she is reluctant to do so, but her heart cannot let go of him. However, a huge crisis engulfs the plantation, putting not only Lawrence’s home but other people’s lives at risk.
When Lawrence lets her down and with Henry’s control over Jasmine tightening, she is left with a choice – does she give Lawrence one more chance or does she finally let go of him for good?

Author's Note: 

This book is the third novel in The James Saga and deals with some of the issues in the first two novels, The Fall of the House of James and Always A Slave in regards to the horrific nature of slavery and the scars it leaves not just on the bodies but on the soul of slaves themselves. At the heart of the novel is the turbulent love affair between Lawrence James, a plantation owner's son and Jasmine Thomas, a former slave. I try to convey the love which they clearly have for each other and their differences which threaten to drive them further apart. But the book isn't just about an interracial relationship. It's also about choices and what happens when one of those choices ends up causing a huge amount of trouble for one of the characters.

About The Author

Annette Austin has been a writer since childhood. She started off writing poetry before progressing to short stories and eventually novel writing. After having a dream in December 2012, Annette began writing The Fall of the House of James. She published the novel in June 2018.
When Annette is not watching 1980’s soap operas and singing loudly to 1980’s pop music, she likes to do yoga exercises whenever she gets the chance and watches sports on television incessantly. The Fall of The House of James is the first novel in the James Saga.
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