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Between Love and War


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August 5, 2021  |  1,275 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Between Love and War by Annette Austin. Book cover featuring a silhouette of a man and a woman. Black and white.What happens to a man when revenge becomes his whole life?

The fifth book in The James Saga continues the tumultuous love affair between Lawrence James and Jasmine Thomas.
After the betrayal of his true love, Jasmine Thomas, the head of the James Empire, Lawrence James’s life falls apart. Distraught at not being able to see his son, Thomas, and unable to let go of the animosity he feels towards Jasmine, he goes to Washington D.C. where he makes a shocking discovery.

Back in Charleston, Jasmine slowly becomes aware of Henry’s true character. It leads her to make a life-changing decision with devastating consequences.
When Andrea Arthurs persuades Jasmine to go back to Havers End, she hopes that Lawrence will welcome her.

Yet, the Lawrence James she knew has gone. Lawrence doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Whoever crosses him will be crushed – including Jasmine.

Author's Notes

This novel was the most difficult to write in the entire series. I went through a very tough time both physically and emotionally while writing the book. Although writing released me from some of my troubles and helped in some ways.

This novel is about the lies we tell to keep the ones we love and how when someone is hurt, they can lash out at anyone -including the ones that they love the most.

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Annette Austin is a self-published author of six novels covering the genres of historical and crime fiction. Her first novel, The Fall of the House of James, spent some time at the Number 1 spot on Amazon (History of Antebellum U.S. Chart.) All five of the books in The James Saga have garnered five-star reviews on Amazon. The Devil Within is Annette’s first crime thriller. She hopes to...

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