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A Tempest Soul

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by Oliver Phipps  US United States

April 24, 2020   |    34,203 reads    |   0 comments

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A Tempest Soul by Oliver Phipps. Historical Fiction. Book coverSeventeen-year-old Gina Falcone has been alone for much of her life. Her father passed away when she was a young girl and her un-affectionate mother eventually leaves her to care for herself when she is only thirteen.

Though her epic journey begins in 1920 by an almost deadly mistake, Gina will find many of her heart's desires in the most unlikely of places. The loss of everything is the catalyst that brings her to a level of achievement she could have never imagined.

Yet Gina soon realizes it's the same events that brought her success that may also bring everything crashing down around her. The new life she's built soon beckons for something that was left behind. Now, the new woman must find a way to dance through a life she could have never dreamed of. 


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