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Ever the Wayward Sky

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by Oliver Phipps  US United States

January 9, 2020   |    10,867 reads    |   0 comments

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Ever the Wayward Sky by Oliver Phipps. US Historical Fiction. Book coverThe Civil War is over. But for Sergeant James Taft, there seems to be no end in sight. He had seldom considered what he would do after the war, because he never believed he would live through it.

James briefly returns to Pennsylvania in an unsuccessful attempt to work as a farmer. He then sets out to find peace and somehow vanquish the ghosts in his soul. What he can't possibly foresee, as he rides west, is the epic story of tragedy, triumph and finding oneself.

"It's unfortunate, but true, that darkness must often be complete before we notice the subtle glimmer of hope." - Doc Jefferies, Ever the Wayward Sky.


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