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by Freya Pickard  GB United Kingdom

October 8, 2018   |    743 reads    |   0 comments

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Ambassador - Book coverAmbassador is volume two of The Kaerling series.

Otta and Erl have taken refuge with the boy, Derri, in Aura Vere, the capital city of their land. Trapped within the city walls while the winter snows cut off all routes in and out of Aura Vere, the twins and their ward need to survive.

Mistaken for a kaerling, Otta has to pretend she is an Ambassador while Erl finds work with the despised Suryan. But the kaerlings are aware of Otta's presence. Can she elude them and escape from the city before it is too late?

Enter the world of Nirunen with its Temple, its nobles and the dark underside of an ancient city ...

Fantasy Series

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