This Is Me

This Is Me: Dragonscale Delvings Book 3 by Freya Pickard. Book cover.
Dragonscale Delvings Book 3
Freya Pickard

3 December, 2022

This is an autobiographical e-book that charts Freya' development as a person and a poet from her early-20s to mid-forties.

The poems are an inner reflection on how she feels about not having a boyfriend, finding her soul mate, dancing, working and, of course, writing. Some poems touch on the cancer that unexpectedly invaded her life just before her 42nd birthday.

Using her powers of observation and description, Freya encapsulates moments, ideas and emotions. To read Freya's poetry is to really know her.

Author's Notes

The poetry in this book emerged organically out of my day to day life as well as traumatic events. I find poetry a therapeutic way of coping with life, both in good times and bad times. This volume reflects both the highs and lows of my life so far.

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Genre: Fiction > Poetry

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