An Encounter With Yeshua

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by Isabelle Esling FR France
August 6, 2015

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Book image did not loadWhen Isabelle Esling met Yeshua, He tremendously changed her life. Here is her story of the life-changing encounter.

"Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him. Yeshua’s heart loves unconditionally. He doesn’t care about your background or the mistakes you are making. He is not here to accuse you. Yeshua is love and forgiveness. In short, Yeshua is endless love.

You might ask: if what you mentioned above is true, why can’t I feel His love? Why can’t I see His presence in my life? It is because, at the moment, your heart is locked and your eyes are blind. The good news is that He has the power to unlock your heart and to make you recover your sight.

For many years, I have been searching for Him in churches and synagogues. I looked up everywhere, trying to find a sign of His presence. Sadly I didn’t find any. I was deceived by human communities claiming to serve Him. One day, He searched for me and found me. All of a sudden, He was there. He showed me that He really cared."

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