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7 Simple Steps to Stop Attracting Psychopaths Into Your Life

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April 3, 2023  |  268 views

7 Simple Steps to Stop Attracting Psychopaths Into Your LifeIf you have been through hardships in your life and attracted the wrong partners or the wrong persons into your life, you are probably convinced that you are a psycho-magnet and that it is merely your destiny to attract the wrong people.

This guide of 7 simple steps to keep psychopaths, stalkers, and sociopaths far away from you for good! Ready for a consistent change? Keep reading and exploring and applying these very simple methods.


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Isabelle Esling has spent the last decade as a music journalist. She has interviewed some of the best talents in the music business, including Proof of D12. In 2012, Isabelle released her first book, EMINEM, and the Detroit Rap Scene: White Kid in a Black Music World; instantly becoming a National Bestseller. Very eclectic as a writer, the trilingual author has expressed a wide range of...

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