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December 7, 2018

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Assigned - Book coverLife begins.  Then it ends.  Then it begins again…  For each life, fate is predetermined; nothing can change its path…

From the moment she was born he has been in her life, watching her; he has known everything about her.  He has studied her every expression, feeling, thought…  Because she felt, like any other person: she felt joy, happiness, passion, anger, sorrow…
And, he didn’t…
Why does she laugh?  Why does she cry?  Why does she feel…?  Despite his exhaustive knowledge about her, he couldn’t answer these questions.  They speculated that the best way to study emotions and feelings was to examine and analyze the one thing they didn’t have.  For this, he was assigned to her.

And now, their time has come.

Author's Note: 

"Assigned" is a young-adult, sci-fi romance/thriller. A memorable trip to Taos, New Mexico, that I made years ago, had inspired me to write this novel. It's about eternal love and sacrifice beyond logic. Hope you enjoy reading it! :)

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