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The Lucky Baby

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November 10, 2020  |  726 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Lucky Baby - Book coverHaving managed to put behind her the extraordinary ordeals around the hundred-million dollars her mother won three years earlier, Ella continues her studies in Psychology, and finally seems to be living some sort of normal life.

But the peace is to be short lived…

She has suddenly received a message from her best friend, now a nationwide fugitive, along with her brother, delivering two pieces of news: first, that Ella now has a baby niece, and second, the baby has been kidnapped. If she reports it to the police, the baby will be killed.

Put in an impossible situation, Ella is conflicted between doing the right thing and her baby niece’s life. Unable to tell her "boyfriend-or-not" police detective, she decides to go rogue, and face the perpetrator all on her own, to save her baby niece from the hands of evil.


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Through considerable production work for films, TV, and other media in the crazy town called Hollywood, and also working as a travel journalist, Tomi gained extensive insight into storytelling, which inspired her to write books and screenplays. She has written numerous feature screenplays and seven books thus far, and continues to write to this day. Visit :)

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