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The Lucky Winner

by Tomi Farrell  US United States

February 7, 2019   |    571 reads    |   0 comments

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The Lucky Winner - Book coverIt all began on that day…

Like a typical teenager, Ella longs for a life she doesn’t have, dreaming of the extravagant world of Hollywood stars. But when her mother’s extraordinary luck makes her wish come true, it doesn't take long for Ella to desperately want to take back that wish. As strange events transpire, sucking her family deep into the darkest hole, she realizes that wish fulfillment has its consequences.

Left alone with millions of dollars, Ella’s life is forever changed.


About The Author

Through considerable production work for films, TV, and other media in the crazy town called Hollywood, and also working as a travel journalist, Tomi gained extensive insight into storytelling, which inspired her to write books and screenplays.

She has written numerous feature screenplays and seven books thus far, and continues to write to this day.

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