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Beware the Alley Fonts

A Collection of Short Ramblings
by Vincent Yanez  US United States

August 20, 2013   |    1,896 reads    |   0 comments

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Book Image Did Not Load!This book consists of short stories, ramblings and incoherent mumblings that are the result of numerous potassium overdoses experienced by the author, Vincent Yanez one day, quite by accident, Vincent stumbled upon the fact that if he ate a few bananas before bedtime, he would have incredibly surreal dreams. In the morning, he would try and write down everything he remembered. Those banana-dreams you now have before you.
So, as you slosh your way through this swampy jumble of words, if you find yourself saying, “What the hell was he smoking when he wrote that one?” The answer is, bananas. Enjoy!

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