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Vincent Yanez


Vincent Yanez is from a small town in Arizona. He lives with the woman he calls 'Egg', her two she-devil cats and the ghost of his schnauzer, Mr. Sidney Bernstein. Mr. Yanez has won no great literary awards or recognition, but waits for the frenzy of adoration to begin at any moment. He enjoys the smell of rain, long walks on the beach and the crunch of a warm, crispy tater tot. He is the author of several books, screenplays, cartoon collections, photography collections and poetry written under the name Oscar Friar.

Books by Vincent Yanez

Ruby by Vincent Yanez. A novel. Book cover
When Dementia becomes too much for her family to handle, Ruby's life is upended as she sees her Grandmother whisked away to a facility across town. However, her Grandmother has other ideas, as she hatches an escape plan to live with her pen pal of many years. So in a bus, accompanied by two rambunctious old men, Ruby and her Grandmother set off across country to find a place to call home.
Fiction > General
It Doesn't Matter Which Road You Take - Book cover
After college, Vince and his friend Chris decide to meander across Europe in search of the meaning of life, the perfect gelato and a nice place to lay their heads. During their adventures the lads find themselves locked in a Scottish dungeon, being serenaded by Placido Domingo and have their passports taken by the Czech authorities as they are caught in an attempt to sneak into Prague.
Non Fiction > Travel
The Man In The Blue Tie by Vincent Yanez. Book cover
We all remember where we were that day. Just like the day Kennedy was shot or the day Pearl Harbor was attacked, we found that we were shocked together, we were angry together, we were sad together and we mourned together. Just like those days, September 11th, 2001 became a part of our National Memory. In his book, Einstein's Shutter, author Vincent Yanez wrote about those days and weeks following that day in September, but he never told the story of what he saw that day.
Non Fiction > Inspirational
Surrender by Vincent Yanez. Book cover
The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Spain, is the reputed burial-place of Saint James the Great, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ. The cathedral has historically been a place of pilgrimage on the Way of St. James, also referred to as The Camino de Santiago. For centuries, the Camino de Santiago has offered pilgrims a spiritual journey, an adventure and a sought after freedom from the penance due for sins.
Fiction > Literature
iQuit: The Book of Job(s) by Vincent Yanez. Book cover
Author Vincent Yanez never planned on working more than a couple of jobs in his life. Unfortunately, he was born with a short attention span and an inability to stay anywhere that annoyed him. The result is iQuit: The Book of Job(s), a snarky look at one man's refusal to put up with anything he found aggravating, disgusting or downright horrifying. Somewhere along the way, Vincent Yanez decided that life was too short to do things he hated.
Fiction > Humor
Through My Eyes by Vincent Yanez. Photography. Book cover
When author Vincent Yanez published his travel memoir, It Doesn't Matter Which Road You Take, readers wondered where the photographs were of the places he had visited. In commemoration of the upcoming 20th Anniversary of that adventure, this photographic collection not only contains images from that backpacking trip through Europe, but later journeys within Europe and America.
Non Fiction > Photography
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Along with his books, author Vincent Yanez also wasted time writing the occasional political piece for his local newspaper and various websites. By the end of 2012 he found he no longer enjoyed talking about a political system that seemed to be falling apart, mainly due to a group of politicians who gained power by using hate, fear and ignorance as their rally cry.
Fiction > Humor
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One year after losing his girlfriend in the attack on the World Trade Center, as Jack is slowly trying to piece his life back together, a postcard arrives. A postcard from a far off land, written in her handwriting, telling him she is waiting for him. Here the journey begins, as one man travels to Tibet, the Land of the Snow Lion ...
Fiction > Performing Arts, Drama & Theater
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This book consists of short stories, ramblings and incoherent mumblings that are the result of numerous potassium overdoses experienced by the author, Vincent Yanez One day, quite by accident, Vincent stumbled upon the fact that if he ate a few bananas before bedtime, he would have incredibly surreal dreams.
Fiction > Short Stories
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A whirlwind journey into a decade of one man's life, in New York City, during what turns out to be one of the most horrific times in U.S. History, 9/11. It's about the power of the human spirit in a man, and a city, finding the strength they need to rise again.
Non Fiction > Memoir & Biographies