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Einstein's Shutter

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Book Image Did Not Load!A whirlwind journey into a decade of one man's life, in New York City, during what turns out to be one of the most horrific times in U.S. History, 9/11. It's about the power of the human spirit in a man, and a city, finding the strength they need to rise again. 
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(Memoir, History, Romance, Non-Fiction, Humor, Spirituality).

About the Author

Vincent Yanez

Author, Novelist, Poet, Screenwriter

US United States

Vincent Yanez is from a small town in Arizona. He lives with the woman he calls 'Egg', her two she-devil cats and the ghost of his schnauzer, Mr. Sidney Bernstein. Mr. Yanez has won no great literary awards or recognition, but waits for the frenzy of adoration to begin at any moment. He enjoys the smell of rain, long walks on the beach and the crunch of a warm, crispy tater tot. He is the... Read more about the Author

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